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Our Story

ONE HAIR DESIGN CENTER was established in 2012. The founder of One Hair, Andy, was born into a poor family and accidentally entered the hairdressing industry when his mother forced him to learn a trade after graduating from high school. His passion for the hairdressing industry ignited his drive to pursue his dreams, and he began building a team and training numerous HAIR DESIGNERS. After 11 years of hard work, Andy successfully transitioned from a poor boy with no education to becoming a successful entrepreneur. ONE HAIR rapidly expanded its business and opened multiple branches.
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Andy believes that “We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things”. This belief has become his driving force to pursue excellence. He generously imparts hairdressing techniques to his team, striving to provide exceptional quality and service to customers. Therefore, Andy hopes that through ONE HAIR ACADEMY, more people can understand and recognize the importance of the hairdressing industry. He is dedicated to nurturing students from disadvantaged backgrounds, without formal education but with an interest in hairdressing, providing them with professional training and transforming their destinies into successful HAIR DESIGNERS. Additionally, he aims to prevent the loss of ONE HAIR’s unique hairdressing techniques.

Through meticulous training, ONE HAIR ACADEMY cultivates exceptional HAIR DESIGNERS who can confidently handle customers and excel in their craft upon graduation.



To become the most preferred hairdressing academy in the industry, nurturing more top talents and contributing to the society.


Promote development of the beauty industry, guiding passionate youngsters through knowledge and skills, helping them to avoid unnecessary detours.

Driving development of the beauty industry and assisting more bewildered young individuals to change their destinies through knowledge and skills.

Committed to fulfill
students' dreams

We wholeheartedly assist students in accomplishing remarkable success and achieving their dreams in the hairdressing industry.

One Hair, One Team

As the saying goes, “One person can go fast, but a group of people can go far”. We consider teamwork as the foundation, supporting and helping each other to elevate the entire team to new heights.

Culture of Learning

We encourage students to maintain an open mindset and embrace continuous learning, as unlimited potential is unleashed through boundless learning.




Recognized with multiple awards, including the Malaysia Top 20 Young Entrepreneurs Award, Asia Pacific Book of The Top Recognition 2022, Shanghai International Prestige Business Awards 2022, and others

 “Don’t be afraid of the past, face the future bravely! Poor children can also have a bright future!”


The mastermind behind ONE HAIR ACADEMY

Regarded as the “National Treasure” of the Malaysian hairdressing industry.

Honored with prestigious awards such as Hair Legacy, Malaysia Golden Scissors Champion, Singapore Golden Scissors by Paul Mitchell, International Visionary Award 2019 World Champion, AIPP Award, and many more.

“Change is the only constant”

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