Limited hands-on experience? Always practicing on mannequin heads?
We have a high volume of clients ensures that students get continuous hands-on training with real customers, speeding up their learning process!
Worried about the quality of the courses?
We were partnered with world-class mentor, Elvin Soh, using unique world-class teaching syllabus and techniques to cultivate world-class hair designers!
Afraid of unemployment after graduation?
Don't worry about post-graduation! Join our graduates who have become professional hair designers at our prestigious salon, One Hair Design Center, and enjoy attractive salary packages!
Find hairdressing courses boring?
We have plenty of extracurricular activities to keep you constantly learning new techniques, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning experience!
Unsure how to choose a hairdressing academy?
Our artwork speaks for itself. With the most outstanding portfolio nationwide, ONE HAIR ACADEMY is undeniably the top choice for hairdressing education!
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Our Courses

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At first, I was worried that attending a hairdressing academy wouldn’t lead to a lucrative income. However, to my surprise, even as an assistant here at One Hair Academy, I’m earning a salary of over ten thousand monthly. Apart from teaching the fundamentals of hairdressing, what sets One Hair Academy apart is the abundance of practical hands-on opportunities they provide. This allows me to graduate and directly step into the role of an assistant to a Director Stylist, gaining valuable experience and skills.

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I was initially someone who didn’t even know how to wash hair, but after studying here, I became a Senior Stylist within two years. I used to work in the hairdressing industry in Taiwan, but the educators there didn’t teach me many practical techniques in such detail. I can truly start from scratch and become a professional Hair Designer at One Hair Academy.

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After working in the hairdressing industry for 5 years, I felt like I hadn’t achieved much. However, after studying here, I realized that hairdressing is an art that can never be fully mastered, and I have also enhanced my sense of aesthetics in hairstyling. For me, choosing One Hair Academy was a significant breakthrough to get closer to my dreams.

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One Hair has an abundance of practical opportunities that comes with a vast customer base, allowing me to quickly enhance my skills. Enrolling here has reawakened my passion to pursue my career in the hairdressing industry. Apart from the unique time-saving technical courses that shaped me as an outstanding stylist, One Hair Academy also teaches social media management for building a personal image.

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What's the difference between a HAIR STYLIST and a HAIR DESIGNER?

The HAIR DESIGNERS we cultivate are different from the typical hairstylist in the market. There is a high demand for HAIR DESIGNERS in the market, and the remuneration and salary are relatively higher.

What kind of courses do you offer and how are the theory classes and practical classes structured?

We offer a variety of courses that include comprehensive theory classes, practical training, and internships. Our curriculum covers essential skills in hair cutting, coloring, styling, and salon management. Students will get alot of opportunity to work with real customers, simulating a salon environment. This prepares them to become professional hairstylists confidently upon graduation, with higher earning potential as well.

Is there a guaranteed job placement after graduation?
Students do not need to worry about their career direction after graduation. We will provide strong support and guidance to our graduates. We offer opportunities for them to continue their hairdressing journey at our affiliated salon, ONE HAIR DESIGN CENTER. Our team will work together to help everyone shine and succeed.
How long does it take to complete a course?
Duration of the course will vary depending on the selected program. We start with basic theory classes and provide opportunities for students to practice on mannequin heads and real clients. The learning progress may vary for each individual. However, our instructors will impart the most exclusive and world-class techniques, guiding students without holding anything back, enabling them to master everything at the fastest pace possible.
Do students need to bring their own specific tools or materials?

Our course packages provide students with a complete set of necessary tools and materials.

Do you have full-time or part-time learning options?

Majority of our courses are offered on a full-time basis. However, if students prefer part-time courses, we are able to customize suitable packages and schedules based on their needs.

How much do the courses cost? Is installment possible?
Our course fees vary depending on the chosen courses. We currently offer a student installment payment plan, and you can inquire with our representative for detailed information regarding tuition fees and payment options.
How do I enroll?
Students can visit our academy directly, and our admission consultants will provide reception, assist with filling out the application form, handle the registration process, and complete the payment. Once the procedures are completed, students can arrange their enrollment as soon as possible.
Kindly provide the following information for us to share with you on more courses details.
We will reveal the secrets that enable students to progress to the level of a HAIR DESIGNER within a short period of time.