Beginner Course

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8 months course + 4 months internship

Beginner Course provides fundamental hairdressing knowledge and various skills, enabling students with no prior experience to quickly master the techniques and become qualified hair designers. Course duration is 8 months, followed by a 4-month internship period

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At first, I was worried that attending a hairdressing academy wouldn’t lead to a lucrative income. However, to my surprise, even as an assistant here at One Hair Academy, I’m earning a salary of over ten thousand monthly. Apart from teaching the fundamentals of hairdressing, what sets One Hair Academy apart is the abundance of practical hands-on opportunities they provide. This allows me to graduate and directly step into the role of an assistant to a Director Stylist, gaining valuable experience and skills.

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I was initially someone who didn’t even know how to wash hair, but after studying here, I became a Senior Stylist within two years. I used to work in the hairdressing industry in Taiwan, but the educators there didn’t teach me many practical techniques in such detail. I can truly start from scratch and become a professional Hair Designer at One Hair Academy.

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After working in the hairdressing industry for 5 years, I felt like I hadn’t achieved much. However, after studying here, I realized that hairdressing is an art that can never be fully mastered, and I have also enhanced my sense of aesthetics in hairstyling. For me, choosing One Hair Academy was a significant breakthrough to get closer to my dreams.

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One Hair has an abundance of practical opportunities that comes with a vast customer base, allowing me to quickly enhance my skills. Enrolling here has reawakened my passion to pursue my career in the hairdressing industry. Apart from the unique time-saving technical courses that shaped me as an outstanding stylist, One Hair Academy also teaches social media management for building a personal image.

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